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Neha Jain
Rank 14

ILP really helped me a lot. Right from Babapedia, to the notes on various topics which were filled with diagrams and stories making them so much easier to learn to the regular prelims and Mains tests, it was all very succinct yet comprehensive.

I recommend that every serious aspirant must at least go through them (ILP) and evaluate for themselves.

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Tapasya Parihar
Rank 23

ILP has some great components in the form of VAN, Babapedia and detailed plan. The best part of ILP is its design and quality support. The logical way and planned way it is designed is very helpful for preparation. ILP has been very helpful in my preparation and it is surely going to be a great support for people preparing from the comfort of their home.

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Saumya Pandey
Rank 4

Enrolling to ILP was the best decision for me. I give full credit to IASbaba for my success. Their effort matches with their vision of enabling aspirant sitting at remotest part of the country to secure single digit rank in UPSC and my result stands true to it. I cannot thank IASbaba enough. ILP tests, Value Add Notes and specially the plan helped me a lot in quality preparation. While appearing for UPSC exam, I felt like repeating the Mock Tests of IASbaba and thought if UPSC has copied IASbaba

Listening about IASbaba’s role in the success from Top 20 of this year Toppers was something very emotional. I am so blessed to have got IASbaba in my life!

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Dinesh Kumar
Rank 6

The best thing about ILP was its planning and its various components like VAN and quality Tests. I religiously followed ILP from day 1. I really loved the way Value Add Notes were provided. It stands true to its name ‘Value Add’. I am thankful to IASbaba and really appreciate IASbaba’s contribution to the society.

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Hitika Vasal
Rank 121

I know that you all are really stressed out with work, just wanted all of you to know that you all are doing the most amazing job ever. Solving your questions and getting them right is like the challenge i look forward to everyday and yes the quality is super good. Better than any tests I have enrolled so far. You have a lot of prayers and blessings with u all so don't be stressed !!!!

Mani Agarwal
Rank 126

As I now see my mark-sheet, I realized the important role of IASbaba in making me score high in GS in Mains. Following only IASbaba with full honesty and faith gave me this rank in my second attempt. Had I known IASbaba before, would have cracked it in the very first attempt. Thank you babaji

Apke bina yeh possible ho hi nhi sakta tha.

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Nitesh Pandey
Rank 141

This was my last attempt and I qualified with a rank of 141. I would like to thank IASbaba Team for my selection.

For prelims, I religiously followed 60 day plan and daily quizzes given by IASbaba and this helped in systematically revising the syllabus. Here again, many questions asked in prelims were linked to IASbaba questions. I refer to Value Add Notes given in ILP and I must say the quality of material was superb. Everything required in order to cover a topic was there in the notes and it was presented in very interactive factor making the material very interesting. The ILP would especially be helpful for aspirants who have just started preparing for the exam, as everything required for GS is provided in it and that too in a very easy, simple understandable manner. ILP saves time, energy and for those preparing from small towns, it provides quality material in a cost effective manner which can be accessed from the comfort of one’s home.

I felt writing answers in TLP really helped me. The best part was very good question, peer review, feedback by IASbaba. This improved my answer writing skills. Many questions were directly asked from IASbaba questions. This has been a great help. A lot of thanks to IASbaba

Keep up the great work which you are doing!!

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Vishram Kumar Meena
Rank 146

You are different not only with quality of content but guidance and the most I love is the personal touch. Timely motivation and personal attention along with quality guidance to let us sail through so easily makes you unique. Everyone will mention about tests, VAN and initiatives but I won’t talk about initiatives because everyone knows it by now. Really thankful from bottom of my heart for your service to the nation.

Priyanka M
Rank 149

Getting this rank would never have been possible without your existence sir. I owe you a lot. The best thing happened the day I got to know IASbaba. I wish all success to you.

Suruchi Chaudhary
Rank 152

Heartfelt Thank You and Gratitude!!

I scored Rank 152 in UPSC 2016 and IASbaba has played an indispensable role in this. I feel very fortunate to have had access to the commendable guidance and study materials provided by you. I have immensely benefited from Prelims Tests, daily current affairs, daily answer writing and towards the end, help with interview preparation as well. Thanks very much

Amogh Gopinath
Rank 171

I remember the first day of visit on IASbaba website. From then to now with this rank I feel like home. This is not my success but yours. I cannot thank you enough sir for everything you are doing for aspirants like me. Your quality content and guidance had a major role to play in securing this rank. I wish more and more success to knock at your door. Thank you will never be enough

Praveen Kumar
Rank 173

The nature and approach of IASbabas tests and initiatives are at par with the requirements of upsc. I could gauge it from the very first day of my interaction with IASbaba team and chose them to be my mentor. And it gave me Rank 173 in 2016. I am very much thankful for everything I could learn from you guys. You are doing a great job.

Vishwas Shukla
Rank 344

Enrolling to ILP 2016 proved to be a blessing for me. Not only ILP but every initiative stands true to its quality guidance especially TLP Mains answer writing and ILP Value Add that helped me in mains. The tests are of high quality and it is replicated in the way UPSC is asking unpredictable questions. The way IASbaba sets their test questions really helps in real examination. No wonder IASbabahas hit ratio of more than 60 direct questions in prelims and even more in mains. Everything proved to be immensely helpful. Appearing again to give you single digit rank Baba 🙂

Pawan K Pal
Rank 505

My Success belongs to IASbaba. Being a full time working professional and being surrounded by too many options I was initially confused to join whom? Looking at the quality I zeroed on IASbaba’s ILP programme and never looked back. With hardly much time at my disposal due to job, ILP came in as a blessing. I completely, blindly followed everything that IASbaba provided, never missed any of their content and posts. Rest is history.

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Rank 571

I was one of the earliest visitors on IASBaba and I monitored the content - both quality and frequency - for sometime before choosing to keep it as my ‘Anchor-resource’ during the period of my preparation. Tons of innovative measures like PIB compilations, micro-level plans, achievable targets and fostering a culture of writing and reviewing helped me immensely. Since their inception, they have added many more creative initiatives and at an affordable cost; they even offered 100% waiver to a few deserving ones despite being a new organisation and short on resources. More than their methodology, I follow these fellows for their vision.

Sahil Digra
Rank 971

ILP was a very innovative idea which started as a guidance program. Clearing UPSC in my first attempt was successful only because of ILP. It helped in every stage of my preparation

Prelims- Value Add Notes and Current Affairs really made it easy for me

Mains- The Value Adds, Mind Maps helped in clearing the doubts, all the points were compacted in single map. Another thing which I found helpful was the personal guidance from Tauseef sir (Cofounder), he guided me at every stage

Thanks a lot sir for making this possible

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